ST Parks and Centres

   There are still insufficient numbers of scientific facilities in the Czech Republic, and their equipment often does not correspond to the requirements of qualified scientific work either. As such, Trigema a.s. holding decided to construct modern scientific workplaces which would concentrate experts in mechanical engineering, electronics, IT and other related fields together, and provide them with the maximum possible level of technical and administrative facilities.
Trigema a.s. comprises a group of almost thirty companies organised within a holding structure with equity of approx. 0.6 bn CZK which are focused on development, construction, facility management, tourism and also on support for science and research. 

The Science and Technology Park in Roztoky hosts innovators involved in the research and development of combustion engines. Roztoky Science Park is focused on research and development in electric engines for cars and alternative fuel engines.

The premises available also include the future Žalov Science and Technology Park, focused on research and development in mechanical and electrical engineering. This builds on the current sites, which Trigema has already built in Roztoky. The facilities of each park in the form of different technologies and various approaches will thus together contribute to a synergy of resources invested and operational costs savings.

Another site in Trigema’s portfolio is the upcoming Buštěhrad Science and Technology Park, which neighbours the newly built UCEEB university research centre. 

‘We are endeavouring to create a positive environment for innovative companies, and prove them with services and premises allowing for co-operation between university or research organisations and the business sector.’