Premises available for immediate occupancy

Looking for scientific or testing premises for an expanding project? The Science Park in Roztoky is available for immediate occupancy. A number of options for premises use available, from modest offices for a small working team to a company solution hundreds of square metres in size. Business incubator facilities also available.

VTP Roztoky PV Roztoky
STP Roztoky (operational since 2011) SP Roztoky (operational since 2014)
Focus: automotive Focus: Electrical engineering
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Premises available for lease and for immediate use

STP A: 96 m2 incl. Add-on factor (show floorplan) SP A: up to 648 m2 incl. Add-on factor (show floorplan)
STP B: 46 m2 incl. Add-on factor (show floorplan) SP B: 272 m2 incl. Add-on factor (show floorplan)
STP C: 223 m2 incl. Add-on factor (show floorplan)  SP C: 94 m2 incl. Add-on factor (show floorplan)

Price on request (Radim Šponar, +420 227 026 897)

 VTP Roztoky a.s., Přílepská 1920, 252 63 Roztoky  PV Roztoky s.r.o., Bořivojova 2380, 252 63 Roztoky
 +420 246 003 500 /  +420 227 030 580 /

Standards and facilities

Flexible office and laboratory layout
Modern elevators – personal and goods elevators with load capacity of 1600 kg
Sanitary facilities and kitchenettes on each storey
Suspended ceilings with fitted lighting
Operable sunshades
Water/air heat pump used for heating and cooling offices and laboratories
Back-up generator
Electronic fire system
Office floor load capacity 500 kg/m2, laboratory capacity 1500 kg/m2
Building made from reinforced concrete skeleton with brick or plasterboard partitions
Ceilings and roofs made from reinforced concrete slabs
Green and partially grassed roofs
24/7 access to building
24/7 security service