Partners and tenants

Czech Technical University | STP Roztoky

‘It isn’t easy to find appropriate facilities with sufficient technology and equipment for work in science and technology in our field. Luckily, co-operation with Trigema right from the phase of park construction has helped to create a space where we can focus fully on our work, while employees of the Science and Technology Park in Roztoky take care of the day-to-day running.’

Ing. Bohumil Mareš, Ph. D., Executive Director

The project’s main partner is the CTU’s Mechanical Engineering Faculty, represented by the Centre of Vehicles for Sustainable Mobility (CVSM). The Centre of Vehicles for Sustainable Mobility’s core focus is the research and development of internal combustion engines (petrol, gas, alternative fuel) and diesel combustion engines for cars and heavy vehicles. Engine research is focused on thermodynamics, internal aerodynamics, supercharging with compressor or turbo-compressor, the use of conventional and newly discovered technologies, reducing and subsequently adjusting emissions, intelligent engine control systems, engine dynamics and strength of groups applied in optimising construction. The centre also undertakes research and development in the field of constructing vehicle gearboxes and optimising power transmission (mechanical, hydraulic and electric transmission), vehicle suspension construction (including active mechatronic elements and their control), body aerodynamics and passive safety.

Eaton Elektrotechnika s.r.o. | SP Roztoky

‘From the very beginning, when we began considering the expansion of the Eaton European Innovation Centre, Roztoky Science Park was one of the principal candidates for us. We know Trigema from Roztoky’s Science and Technology Park. We were satisfied here both with the premises and services. The Science Park was thus the next logical step to be able to use cutting edge laboratories, offices and other services. Our new premises were tailored to our needs, and correspond to our requirements. Thanks to Trigema, we have the best working environment and we can dedicate ourselves fully to our activities.’

Engelbert Hetzmannseder, Director, Eaton European Innovation centra

Eaton is a global company working the field of electric systems, equipment for the distribution and management of electricity and power train systems for freight and personal vehicles. Eaton has approximately 70 000 employees and supplies its products to customers in over 150 different countries. The whole group’s turnover in 2010 reached 13.7 billion USD.
Eaton Corporation’s Electrical Division is involved in the production and sale of electrical equipment for the distribution of energy, control systems and reserve electricity sources. Eaton Elektrotechnika s.r.o., manufacturer of devices for domestic and industrial  electrical wiring, devices for electricity distribution and reserve electrical sources, has been a member of the Eaton Corporation Group since April 2008.

UCEEB ČVUT | STP Buštěhrad

‘Trigema is moving our scientific and research work fundamentally forwards. When the CTU founded the UCEEB centre, it was established in an old industrial zone. Construction of STP Buštěhrad has resulted in a true Western-style research site which will cause the ideal fusion of the university environment with the business sector, where our partners – including Trigema – will be able to exploit our results, and we will in contrast be able to respond flexibly to their needs.’

doc. Ing. Lukáš Ferkl, Ph.D., Manager, UCEEB ČVUT

UCEEB’s objective  is energy efficient buildings in ‘green - smart - reasonably-priced’ terms. As such, it focuses on renewable energy sources, smart networks, smart materials and intelligent buildings.
UCEEB was founded in 2010 as an independent university institute of the CTU in Prague supported by the European Fund for Regional Development and the CR’s national budget. The building in Buštěhrad was officially opened on 15 May 2014. UCEEB brings together leading academics from four faculties – Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. UCEEB’s objective is to help scientists from fields closely related to energy efficient buildings work together and deal with the issue comprehensively. It is a response to one of the European Union’s most important priorities – making energy savings in buildings (buildings consume 40% of all energy).
UCEEB wants to participate in specialist European projects such as the Joint Technology Initiative on Energy Efficient Buildings, which has arisen from the European Union’s objectives of reducing CO2 emissions.

TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o. | STP Roztoky

‘We need corresponding laboratory facilities for our specialised activities. STP Roztoky represents one of the most modern centres, and we can rely on its services and equipment.’

Luboš Trnka, Business Unit Manager

TÜV SÜD is a leading company in  the inspection, certification and testing of systems, processes, products and services. Its range of activities also include consultation, approval and expertise and training in all industry and service sectors. TÜV SÜD Group was founded in Munich 140 years ago. Today, it has more than 600 branches across the world, and has a turnover of over 1.4 bn EUR.
The company’s primary objective is to provide services which accommodate the needs of its customers and which are always a guarantee of quality and expertise. Uniformity in procedures, objectives (reliability, security, quality, environmental protection, cost effectiveness) and resulting TÜV SÜD documents secure recognition and acceptance for products and services across the world. The Automotive Division is an independent approval and testing authority with a wide range of services for the automotive industry accredited and recognised by various authorities.

STRUERS GmbH | STP Roztoky

‘Besides our offices and laboratory, we take advantage of the shared meeting rooms, of which the centre has plenty. The quality of facilities and services is of the highest level; for us it was a clear step forward. The 24/7 reception, for example, has made day-to-day logistics in receiving and sending consignments the easiest it could be.’

Petr Sytař, Country Manager

Struers is today the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment and consumables for materialographic surface preparation of solid materials. It has affiliates in 24 countries, qualified service personnel, experienced metallographers and a worldwide network of dealers. Struers covers the entire range of equipment and consumables for materialographic specimen preparation, from uncomplicated, manual machines to sophisticated, computerised preparation solutions.
Struers is world leading in the development and production of semi-automatic and automatic metallographic saws, presses, grinders and polishers, as well as hardness testers of all size for the industrial inspection of material quality and their development. The expertise produced furthermore aims to develop ideal solutions not just for the laboratory environment, but also for manufacturing.

Trigema Startup a.s. | STP Roztoky

‘Trigema Startup provides entrepreneurs starting out with assistance and capital, as well as fully equipped business incubator premises. These are located in the Roztoky STP and SP technology parks, and allow the use of unique equipment upon agreement with other tenants, often the only equipment of its type in Central Europe.’
Ing. Marcel Soural, CEO of the Trigema a.s. concern

Trigema Startup is an investment company and letting agent in business incubators. For both these cases, it focuses particularly on emerging projects or small or medium-sized innovators in their growth phase who are able to take advantage of the technical or service potential of incubators or experience within the Trigema a.s. concern.
It mainly focuses on start-up ‘angel’ investments for emerging innovative companies, in particular projects linked with construction, real estate and development. They are not averse to ideas in other fields either, however. We are letting agents for incubators in Roztoky STP and Roztoky SP. These form a centre of innovation which offers spaces within these incubators which are designated for emerging innovative companies or small or medium-sized innovative companies in their growth phase who can take advantage of the technical or service potential of both parks.

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