Business incubator

The business incubators in STP Roztoky and SP Roztoky are spaces reserved for emerging innovator companies or small and medium-sized innovative businesses in their growth phase who can take advantage of the technical and service potential of both parks. Trigema Startup provides leases of these business incubators.

Besides modern offices, you also get the opportunity to draw on the experience of science professionals in the building, which also has a high level of equipment and technology.
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STP Roztoky - 103  m²
SP Roztoky - 81 m²

Included with the incubator, you can take advantage of these services:

Basic consultancy (economics, accounting, tax, marketing, etc.)
Specialist seminars and training events (4x per year)
Support for exchange of experience and networking
Help in finding partners and investors
Consultancy in financing
 Assistance in preparing presentations and documents for participation at various investment forums
Services assisting with technology transfer
Securing technical and administrative services (internet, security guards, cleaning, office services)
Meeting room available

Benefits of incubators in Roztoky u Prahy:

Proximity to science workers
Co-operation with current tenants
Good transport accessibility
Parking available
Trigema Startup a.s. investments for selected projects


 Roztoky Science and Technology Park is located in close proximity to the Science Park, meaning the benefits of both centres of science and research are brought together. A combination of a quiet location, proximity to Prague and easy transport accessibility make Roztoky an attractive and pleasant place to work. Regular bus services, the railway line and Václav Havel Airport, which is just 15 minutes away by car, ensure fast transport connections both to the Czech capital and abroad.

Incubator procedure and conditions:

Structured interview
Business plan
Decision on incubation (made by the STP and SP Council)

The STP and SP Council will select the companies to be based in the business incubators and the Science and Technology Park based on the following criteria:

Viability of business plan
Suitability in terms of STP Roztoky, SP Roztoky and Trigema a.s. focus

For a complete project assessment, the following documents will be needed:

Application for an incubator / STP
Business Plan
Expert evaluation is needed for new products and technologies

A lease contract will be concluded with successful applicants. Companies in an incubator will subsequently be monitored and evaluated in terms of how they are achieving their planned objectives. The anticipated incubation time is 2 years. After completion of the incubation, the companies may be transferred to another space within both science parks.


VTP / PV Roztoky

Přílepská 1920 / Bořivojova 2380
252 63 Roztoky

tel: + 420 246 003 500 / +420 737 283 321

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